The PCS 2012 Major auditions were held on April 20 and 21. The adjudicator was Thomas Novak, Dean of the College of New England Conservatory. Mr. Novak selected the following winners who will each receive an honorarium and will be presented in a formal concert in the fall:

John DiCesare, tuba

Hilary Gamble, violin

Ganna Kovalevska and Yuting Zhou, piano duo

Jessie NuchoAlexander Hettinga and Natalie Severson, flute, viola and harp trio

Misook Yun, Alice Wang and Sophia van der Westhuizen, soprano, clarinet and piano trio 

Mengyi Yang, piano

Mr. Novak selected the following alternates:

Sonya Caceres, soprano

Amanda Morrison, clarinet

More information will be available on this page as the scheduling of the fall concerts is finalized.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all those who participated in the auditions.

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