The PCS Young Artists Auditions were held on January 6, 2007. The adjudicator was Robert Dodson, Provost, New England Conservatory. The winners are, in alphabetical order:

Stacey Chen, piano, student of Hanna Li

Colin Brookes and Matthew Fezcko, viola and double bass duo, students of Marylene Gingras-Roy and John Moore

Kerry Kavalo, viola, student of Paul Silver

Robert Kotcher, violin, student of Hong-Guang Jia

Cathy Li, piano, student Marina di Pretoro

Sierra Pastel, harp, student of Gretchen Van Hoesen

David Wang, piano, student of Anne Lin

Alvin Zhu, piano, student of Yeeha Chiu

Each winner will be presented in concert on February 4 or March 11, 2007 and will receive a $500.00 Anna and Benjamin Perlow Scholarship.

More information will be posted on the PCS website as programming is finalized.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all those who participated in the auditions.

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