Alice Statham


Alice Statham, 22, is a current graduate student in harp performance at Carnegie Mellon University. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Harp Performance in May 2022 from CMU. She has been playing since age 6, studying with Anne Sullivan before moving to Pittsburgh in 2018 to study with Gretchen Van Hoesen. While in school, Alice has focused on learning solo and chamber harp repertoire, performing 5 solo degree harp recitals in the past 3 years and a plethora of other performances inside and outside of the university. Alice earned her BM degree in harp performance at CMU studying with Gretchen van Hoesen and will graduate with a MM degree at CMU in harp performance in 2024. She plays for special events, has recorded and performed with many area orchestras, and teaches for Harp Mastery/ Harp Quest. Alice has performed with a number of groups including Weird Al, The Who, and The Beach Boys. Alice is also a piano technician, studying with Peter Stumpf at CMU for the past three years.

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