PCS Young Artists at SLB Radio

As in past years, PCS is grateful to the staff of SLB Radio for inviting our Young Artists to have, each, his or her half hour radio program.

This year’s schedule is as follows:

  • June 6, 2023 The Ab-So-Flutely Amazing Quartet
  • July 15, 2023, Soham Dam, piano
  • August 19, 2023, Haley Hunt, soprano
  • September 1, 2023, Andrew Li, piano
  • September 16, 2023, Eleanor Edwards, violin
  • September 30, 2023, Nathan Choe, cello
  • October 14, 2023, Benjamin Lin, piano
  • October 28, 2023, Nicholas Todorov, tuba

2023-2024 Season

All concerts are at 2:00 PM at the Kresge Theater, College of Fine Arts, Carnegie Mellon University.

September 24, 2023, first Major winners concert:

            Theresa Kesser, soprano

            4V+P=Q, piano and four violins
             Igor Kraevsky, piano
             Irene Cheng, Yeokyung Kim, Laura Motchalov and Dylan Naroff, violins

October 22, 2023, second Major winners concert:

              Benjamin Hopkins, piano

             Cello and harp duo,
             Devin LaMarr, cello
             Alice Statham, harp

November 12, 2023, third Major winners concert:

            Douglas-Jayd Burn, piano
            Zoe Sorrell, flute solo

March 9, 2024, Young Artists auditions

April 7, 2024, first Young Artists winners concert

April 12 and 13, 2024 Majors auditions

April 21, 2024, second Young Artists winners concert

June 2, 2024 Alumni concert

2023 PCS Majors Auditions

The Pittsburgh Concert Society's Majors auditions were held on April 14 and 15, 2023. The adjudicator was Lucy Chapman, professor emerita, New England Conservattory of Music. Ms. Chapman selected the following winners:

Devin LaMarr, cello and Alice Statham, harp

Benjamin Hopkins, piano

Theresa Kesser, soprano

Douglas-Jayd Burn, p[iano

Zoe Sorrell, solo flute

Igor Kraevsky, piano, Irene Cheng, violin, Yeokyung Kim, violin, Laura Motchalov, violin, DylanNaroff, violin.

Our sincere thanks to all those who participated in these auditions. Congratulations to the winners who will be featured in three concerts in the fall. 

More information will soon be available on the Home page.

The 2023 PCs Young Artists Concerts

All Concerts are at 2:00 PM at the Kresge Theater, College of Fine Arts, Carnegie Mellon

The first Young Artists concert on April 2, 2023 will feature:

Benjamin Lin, piano, Hampton Middle School, student of Anne Lin

Haley Hunt, soprano, Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School,
                        student of Lauren Corcoran Emrich

Soham Dam, piano, Mt. Lebanon High School, student of Luz Manriquez
Ab-So-Flutely Amazing Quartet: Franklin Regional High School, students of Dan Parasky
              Albert "AJ" Schmidt, flute
              Anna Qin, flute
              Lacey Pribanic, flute
              Nia Hanington, flute

The second Young Artists concert on April 16, 2023 will feature:

Andrew Li, piano, North Allegheny Intermediate High School, student of Luz Manriquez

Nicholas Todorov, tuba, Duquesne University, student of Dr. James Gourlay

Eleanor Edwards, violin, home-schooled, student of Rufina Yefimova

Nathan Choe, cello, PA Leadership Charter School, student of Adam Liu

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