Cody Conley


Cody Conley is an 8th grader at The Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School. He began playing the violin at age five and has studied with Devin Arrington, Mark Huggins, and Charles and Rachel Stegeman. As part of the Curtis Institute Mentor Program, Cody has also studied with Cindy Wu and Melissa White. During the summers, Cody has attended various camps, including the Jacobs School of Music Summer String Academy at the age of 12. Presently, Cody attends the Stegeman Violin Boot Camp at Duquesne University. As a 3rd grader, Cody became a member of Youth Chamber Connection (YC2) ensembles. He is currently a member of the Simul Soersum Quartet. For the past seven years, Cody has been especially honored to perform as a soloist at East Liberty Presbyterian Church. Cody is very grateful that he is able to share his gift of music with others

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