Enrique Bernardo


Enrique Bernardo was born in Lima, Peru. He started playing the piano at the age of ten and was self-taught until the age of fifteen. He entered the National Conservatory of Music of Peru in 1995 and studied with Fernando Delucchi and Teresa Quesada.

In March, 2000, he met pianist Enrique Graf, who invited him to come to the College of Charleston with a full scholarship. He received his bachelor of arts in music from the College of Charleston on May 2004, and he is currently pursuing his masters degree at Carnegie Mellon University, studying with Enrique Graf.

Enrique Bernardo has won first place in several competitions such as the Southeastern Community College Piano Competition (2001), the SCMTNA Piano Competition (2001), the AFM Competition for South Carolina (2003), the Steinway Society of Western Pennsylvania (2005).

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