Eric Wang


Eric Wang is a 7th grader at Ingomar Middle School in the North Allegheny school district. Eric showed great interest in music at an early age. He has been studying piano with Mrs. Natasha Snitkovsky since December 2013. He achieved superior rating in the Royal Conservatory of Music Piano Level 7 performance and theory exams in 2014. Recently, he won in the piano solo division of the Duquesne Young Artist National Competition in 2016. He performs the piano regularly in senior apartments and nursing homes around the Pittsburgh area. In addition to piano, he plays the cello in his school’s orchestra and composes music.

Eric has a passion for mathematics. He has received numerous awards and recognitions at math competitions, including AMC (top 1% in 2017, to 10% in 2016), Math Kangaroo (ranked #1 in PA in the past three years).  In his spare time, he plays in chess tournaments. He won the K-12 chess championship  in Stamford, Connecticut when he was seven. Currently, he is one of the highest ranked players of his grade in Pittsburgh. He won many competitions including the Pittsburgh Library Tournament and the  2016 Southern Regional Chess Championship.

Eric loves reading, playing tennis, running and hiking. He is a member of  his school’s cross country team. He hiked the 20-mile Rachel Carson challenge last year and ran the Pittsburgh Great Race. His plans to run the Erie half marathon in summer 2017.

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