Ze Kang Guo


Elizabeth (Ze Kang) Guo is a ninth grader at North Allegheny Intermediate High School. She has played the piano for ten years and is studying with Professor Hanna Li at CMU. In 2013, she won first place and second place in Level 9 Solo and Concerto respectively in the World Piano Competition. As a winner of that competition, Elizabeth performed at Carnegie Hall in New York twice. She was also a finalist in WQED’s 2013 Musical Kids competition . Additionally, she gave a recital in the lobby of Heinz Hall after winning the 2013 Steinway Young Artist competition. Other than playing piano, Elizabeth enjoys reading, writing, and dancing. She was a grand champion of the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship for two consecutive years from 2012-2013. At school, she is on the forensics team and is first chair violin in her school orchestra.

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